Atenas Premium Programa de Puntos

Rewards Programme

Would you like to be part of our premium clients? Do you know all the advantages in becoming a premium member?
You can REGISTER in this section. Moreover, for those who are enjoying de advantages of being premium could check the level of accumulated points, ask for a catalogue´s prize, take part in draws and contests etc. You can have access entering the e-mail´s code you might have received in your arrival.
- Because it is completely free and without commitment. You can decide to be part of it or remove yourself whenever you want and, of course, with no obligations.
- Subscribing in 1minute, you just have to fill the online application, or if you prefer you can give our reception your details next time you visit us. It is totally up to you!
- Because you do not need to bring any card and in the case you forget it, it would not be a problem since you can use it through your details and you do not need the physical card.
- You will be offered FREE NIGHTS, GIFTS and you will also have many preferences in some of our services.
- You will receive quite offers, news related to us or even experiences about living in Granada.
- Accumulating MORE EXTRA POINTS just by bringing or recommending to your friends or family.

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